Freshman/First Time In College

Freshman applicants include: high-school seniors, home school students in their final year, first–time-in-college students (FTIC), high-school graduates with 11 or fewer transferable credit hours completed after graduating from high school and students currently enrolled in high school and earning college credit (dual enrollment). FGCU welcomes all students. 

  • Freshman in HS earning an AA Degree from a public Florida college or university

How to Apply

Getting started is easy, but works best when you know the requirements and follow the steps in the application process. If you are graduating high school or this will be your first time in college, the information below will help walk you through each step to make it easy, but you have to read carefully and make sure you have your information available when it's time to send them to campus. 

Step 1: Application & Fee

  • To begin the process, you must submit an application and non-refundable $30.00 application fee
    • Note:  Application Deadlines. For Fall, students must apply by November 1 for Early Action, or March 1 for Regular Decision. 
  • You may use the Common Application or the FGCU online application.
  • If you choose the Freshman in HS earning an AA degree from a Florida College System (FCS) or State University System (SUS) institution, then on your application select "Freshman earning an AA degree" as your student type.

You may pay the fee with a major credit card or mail a check made payable to Florida Gulf Coast University to Florida Gulf Coast University, Undergraduate Admissions, 10501 FGCU Blvd. S., Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565. We also accept the following application fee waiver requests: SAT/ACT Fee Waiver, NACAC Admission Application Fee Waiver, and Common App Fee Waiver.

FGCU Online Application

Common Application

  • Step 2: Send Transcripts 

  • Step 3: Gather Your Test Scores (Unless you choose Freshman earning an AA degree in HS)

  • Step 4: Know Important Dates


Required High School Units & Freshman Admissions Averages

Freshman Admissions Averages



1141 23.4

  • Units

  • Weighted GPA

Tips for applying

  • Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admissions.
  • You must provide evidence of high school graduation or in the process of graduating from high school or completing GED certificate. Applicants with a GED must submit official GED test scores. They must also have at least a SAT total of 1070 or an ACT composite score of 21. The sub-scores of each test must be above the minimum admission requirements.
  • Admissions decisions will be released as indicated on the application deadline page.

Admission Forms

  • Specialized Admissions Programs (Music, Nursing, Athletic Training or PGM)

  • Florida Residency Requirements

  • Foreign Language Requirements

  • DACA and Undocumented Students

Information for Parents

As your child embarks on the college selection process, we encourage you to become involved and learn about the academic experiences and opportunities that await your new FGCU Eagle. The admissions section provides details on fees, financial aid/scholarships and steps needed to get started on the right path.

  • What does my student need to complete the application?

  • When are your application deadlines?

  • What was the first-year student profile for last year's accepted class?

  • How can my student submit high school transcripts?

  • My student has a hold decision status. What does that mean?

  • How do I set up a visit to see the school or for my student to see the school?

  •  What is the cost of tuition?

  • Do you offer financial aid? Scholarships?

  • Is it required to live on campus? How does my student apply for housing?

  • Is there support to help my student make a smooth transition from high school to college?

  • How does my student sign up for Eagle View Orientation?

  • Are students allowed to bring a car their freshman year?

  • Are meal plans required?

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