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FGCU Information for Externally Sponsored Research and COVID-19

FGCU Information for Research Compliance and COVID-19

Office of Research & Graduate Studies (ORGS)
The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP)
The Office of Graduate Studies (OGS)

$260 million

Research Funding since opening in 1997

Research Enriches

The Student Experience

$14.95 million

Research funding for fiscal year 2019-2020

Awards Received Last Quarter

State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) 2020-2021 Florida Department of Education Dr. Margaret Sullivan
WGCU TV 2020-2021 Florida Department of Education Dr. Rick Johnson
WGCU Radio 2020-2021 Florida Department of Education Dr. Rick Johnson
Development of a Streamlined Quantitative and Qualitative Method for Measuring Microbial Hazards in Recreational Waters University of Florida Dr. Hidetoshi Urakawa
Teacher Quality -2020-2021 Florida Department of Education Dr. Krista Casazza
FY 20/21 FIBRS Implementation Assistance Program Florida Department of Law Enforcement Chief Steven Moore
FGCU Campus Election & Engagement Project Ohio Campus Compact Dr. Shallyn Sims
Sanibel Island Writers Conference 2020 Lee County Board of County Commissioners Dr. Jason Elek
Rational Prediction of Green Solvents for Aryl-Aryl Coupling Reactions American Chemical Society Dr. Daniel Lambrecht
Assessing Distribution of the Eastern Black Rail Across South Florida US Fish and Wildlife Service Dr. Kara Lefevre
CuisinEagle! 2020-2021 Association of State Public Health Nutritionists Dr. Krista Casazza
Evaluation and Optimization of Pilot-Scale Floating Aquatic Treatment Wetlands for Phytoremediation Pre-Treatment of Municipal Landfill Leachate Employing Saline-Tolerant Plants Native to South Florida University of Florida Dr. Ashley Danley-Thomson
Hydrophobic Aerogels for the Removal of Persistent Organic Pollutants During the Pre-Treatment of Landfill Leachates University of Florida Dr. Lauren Redfern
2020-2025 FGLSAMP Drive Florida A&M University Dr. Claude Villiers
Phytoplankton Evaluation of Lake Trafford South Florida Water Management District Dr. Barry Rosen
CPB WGCU Radio 2020-2021 Corporation for Public Broadcasting Dr. Rich Johnson
CPB WGCU-TV 2020-2021 Corporation for Public Broadcasting Dr. Rich Johnson
CROP 2020-2021 - Community Reach Out Program Florida Department of Education Dr. Dolores Kiesler
LeeCARES Human Services Grant Program - Kleist Health Education Center Lee County Board of County Commissioners Dr. Renee McFarland
Rara Avis: A Search For M Dwarf Oscillations Using Tess National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Dr. Derek Buzasi

About Externally Funded Research

Funding Sources  Need assistance finding a Research Sponsor? See what funding sources are available.

Externally Funded Awards (EFA) Guidelines and Procedures:

Misconduct in Research  FGCU holds all individuals involved in scientific research and scholarly/creative activity to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of these activities. Faculty, staff, and students are expected to comply with generally accepted ethical and legal standards for the conduct of and reporting of possible violations in the conduct scientific research and scholarly/creative activity.

FGCU has established Misconduct in Research procedures that apply to individuals (other than students involved in regular classroom assignments) engaged in any form of research and scholarship, funded or otherwise, in every discipline throughout FGCU.

For more information and assistance with IACUC and IRB applications, please contact the Compliance Coordinator at

For more information and assistance with RSC, please contact Rhonda Holtzclaw at 239-590-1037 or

Conflicts of Interest  Please refer to the Faculty 2018–2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Employee Handbook, and FGCU regulation FGCU-PR5.012 Outside Employment/Activity Regulation for conflicts of interest relating to your employment with the university.

FGCU offers an online Conflict of Interest course through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). The course includes basic background in the elements of the revised Public Health Service (PHS) federal regulations on financial conflicts of interest and investigator and institutional responsibilities. CITI registration and logon instructions can be found by clicking on the above link. 

Intellectual Property — Pursuant to Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) Intellectual Property Policy (Policy No. 2.002), “The University is implementing this authority through this Intellectual Property Policy, which requires that all Florida Gulf Coast University employees disclose certain works and inventions that are developed or discovered while affiliated with the University.” View the Intellectual Property Policy or the Student Created Intellectual Property policy.

Complete and submit the PDF fillable Invention Disclosure Form.

Equipment  FGCU has partnered with LifeSciences South Florida (LSSF).

The overall goals of this initiative are to continue building a South Florida life science cluster, foster collaboration, enhance education opportunities, and increase access to and utilization of expensive instruments.

Today the database includes a searchable list of scientific instruments (manufacturer, model, and specifications), institution and point of contact (e-mail and telephone). You may search by instrument (e.g. confocal microscope) or institution (e.g. Florida Gulf Coast University). If you are interested in gaining access to any of the instruments in the database, the place to start is the point of contact. In the future the site will include a uniform terms of use agreement and confirmed availability.

Explore the resources available at the LSSF Resource Portal.

Student Research

Research Day 2021 will take place as a virtual event in conjunction with Community Engagement.
It will be held via Zoom on Friday, April 16th.
You can view the details on the Community Engagement and Research Day page.

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Research Day

View the list of 2020 winners.

View the Research Day 2020 Program for details.

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