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Colson, Fenner (Ph.D.)

Adjunct Faculty, Construction Management
Department of Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering and Bioengineering


Dr. Colson grew up in northwest Minnesota and completed his doctoral studies at the University of Florida in 2014. Following graduation, Dr. Colson taught physics courses at Santa Fe College and worked at the Florida Department of Transportation (State Materials Office). Dr. Colson came to FGCU in 2019 and taught physics for two years until being hired in the U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering.

Dr. Colson specializes in teaching and instruction of fundamental engineering principles, and his research area is in analytical and computational theories for nanoengineering applications. Dr. Colson is currently teaching the courses EGM3420C - Engineering Mechanics and EGN3343C - Thermodynamics (Spring 2023). In addition to teaching, Dr. Colson supports extra-curricular student projects that research engineering problems as related to regional concerns.

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