Soar in 4

A flight plan for graduating on time

Your journey through higher education at FGCU is taking off. It’s an exciting time of scholarly exploration and self-discovery culminating at your final destination: graduation.

Even with a few diversions along the way, you can get there in 4 years or less. FGCU delivers the strategy and resources you need to make it happen, including Soar in 4. This program provides incoming first-year students an additional incentive to stay on track to a 4-year degree and secure a job: a rebate on first-year tuition. To be eligible for the rebate, be sure to read the requirements below. 

Get Advised

Meet with Academic Advising once each year & declare a major in your first year.

Visit Career Services

Meet with a Career Advisor & attend an event hosted by this office.

Complete an Internship

Participate in an internship or co-operative experience.

Finish in Four Years

Graduate in 4 years by following your curriculum map.

Secure a Job

Get a job in Florida within 6 months of graduation earning at least $25K.

Receive Your Rebate

Submit your Rebate Application within one year after graduation.


  • What is Soar in 4?

  • How is the Soar in 4 rebate calculated?

  • How can students graduate in 4 years?

  • Why graduate in 4 years?


  • Am I eligible for Soar in 4?

  • What are the rebate criteria?

  • Where can I find my rebate amount?

  • When do I need to graduate to receive a rebate?

  • I completed my internship. How can this count toward my Soar in 4 progress page?


  • How do I apply for my rebate?

  • What tax form is required for the processing of the rebate?

  • Will the rebate be subject to federal tax?

  • What happens if my rebate application is denied?

  • What are the rebate criteria that my student must follow in order to receive their rebate?

  • How can I help my student to stay on track to Soar in 4?

  • Who can I reach out to with questions about Soar in 4?


Ready to Submit Your Rebate Application?

Have you completed all of your Soar in 4 requirements, graduated within 4 years, and obtained a full-time job in the State of Florida earning at least $25,000 annually? If so, submit your Rebate Application by mail now to:

Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Boulevard South
Lori Rieselman
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565


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Soar in 4

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