Global Engagement Office

The GEO Team Promotes Global Learning as an Integral Part of the Education Provided by FGCU That Enriches the Student, the Southwest Florida Community and the World to Which It Connects. 

Global Outreach and Engagement

The Global Engagement Office is a resource for international activities and events that are intended to connect the FGCU community to the international community. Along with promoting international activities on campus, our office organizes opportunities that encourage students to act and interact globally.   

  • GEO Ambassador

  • Passport Acceptance Facility

  • Peace Corps Prep Program

International Education 

FGCU encourages students to broaden their world views and experience different cultures firsthand.  Research shows that education abroad enhances students' career opportunities and allows them to gain intercultural skills, build personal connections, learn foreign languages and increase self confidence and life experiences. 

  • Study Abroad 

  • Exchange Programs 

  • Scholarships

  • Peace Corps Prep Program 

  • Study Abroad Photo Contest

Faculty and Staff Resources

As part of the global mission of education, FGCU is committed to supporting and providing resources for faculty and staff to engage in the internationalization of curriculum and experience.  

  • Fulbright Program

  • Collaborative Online International Learning 

  • Global Virtual Curriculum Content 

  •  Faculty Led Study Abroad Resources 

  •  Faculty Teaching Abroad Opportunities  

  • Hosting International Visitors 

  • Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty

Global Partnerships

 The Global Engagement Office hopes to continue to strengthen its current global institutional relationships and seek new international partnerships that align with the university's mission, values and strategy.  GEO encourages faculty to seek new partnerships abroad.    

  • MOU Agreement Document 

  • FGCU Partnership Agreements

  • Process for Developing Partnerships 

International Travel 

GEO provides assistance for its international travelers in a variety of ways including accepting U.S. passport applications, advising on travel safety and risk mitigation, administering the FGCU travel insurance plans, assisting with travel logistics and carry out the institutional international travel policy. 

  • International Travel Registry

  • Faculty or Staff Traveling With Students

  • International Travel Policy 

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Safety and Security Resources 

  • FGCU Passport Application Acceptance Facility