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Muller, Jo (PhD)

Chair/Associate Professor
College of Arts & Sciences
Office: SH 0435
Phone: 239-590-1251

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PhD in Paleoclimatolgy, James Cook University

Research and Teaching Interests

Teaching Interests: Geology, Earth Science, Paleoclimatology and Meteorology.
Research Interests: Hurricanes, El Nino Southern Oscillation, monsoon and ocean circulation.
Current research interests center on past climate change in tropical latitudes with special focus on the Southwest Florida region.


Selected Publications:

  • Muller, J., Collins, J. Gibson, S., and Paxton, L. (2017) Recent Advances in the Emerging Field of Paleotempestology. In Hurricanes and Climate Change, Vol 3. Eds. Collins, J & Walsh, K. Springer Publishers
  • Ercolani, C., Muller, J., Collins, J., Savarese, M. Squiccimara, L. (2015) Intense Southwest Florida hurricane landfalls over the past 1000 yearsQuaternary Science Reviews, Vol. 126, pp.17-25
  • Gunnels B. Buzasi. D., Cassani. M., Douglass. J., Everham. E., Hartley. A., Herman. J., Mujtaba. M., Muller. J., Nicolas. A., Thomas. S., Southard. L., Demers. N., (2015) Engaging students in ethical considerations of the scientific process through a simulated funding panelCounsel on Undergraduate Research, Vol. 36, pp. 13-18
  • Kaal, J., Schellekens, J., Nierop, K., Martinez Cortizas, A., Muller, J. (2014) Contribution of organic matter molecular proxies to interpretation of the last 55 ka of the Lynch’s Crater record (NE Australia)Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology Vol. 414, pp. 20-31
  • Muller, J., McManus, J.F., Oppo, D., Francois, R., Brown-Ledger, S. (in review) Strengthening of the North-East Monsoon over the Flores Sea, Indonesia, at the time of Heinrich Event 1. Geology, Vol 40, pp. 635-638
  • Muller, J., Kylander, M., Wu�st, R., Weiss, D. Martinez-Cortizas, A., LeGrande, A. Jennerjahn, T. Behling, H. Anderson, W. Jacobso, G., (2008) Possible evidence for wet Heinrich phases in tropical NE Australia: The Lynch’s Crater deposit, Quaternary Science Reviews, Vol 28, pp. 468-475
  • Muller, J. Kylander, M.E. Wu�st, R.A.J, Weiss, D.J. Martinez-Cortizas A.M., Blake, K., Coles, B. and Garcia-Sanchez, R., (2008). The use of principle component analyses in characterizing trace and major elemental distribution in a 55 kyr peat deposit in tropical Australia: Implications to paleoclimate, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol 72, pp. 449- 463.