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May, Melissa (PhD)

Assistant Professor
Department of Marine & Earth Sciences
Phone: 239-745-4686

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Postdoctoral Research, Marine Environmental Proteomics, California Polytechnic State University
PhD, Marine Biology, University of Maine
MS, Marine Science, University of San Diego
BS, Zoology, Northern Arizona University


Marine ecology, molecular biology, invertebrate biology, ecophysiology, integrative biology

Courses Offered

OCE 1001 Marine Systems


  • May, M.A., M.K. Feezell, S.J. Gonzalez, M.C. Vasquez, A.E. Todgham, and L. Tomanek. Sirtuin-dependent recovery from aerial heat shock: the effects of food ration, thermal history, and sirtuin inhibition on clearance rates and valve gape activity of the California mussel, Mytilus californianus (Conrad) [In Review, JEMBE]
  • May, M.A., K.D. Bishop, and P.D. Rawson. 2017. NMR profiling of metabolites in larval and juvenile blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) under ambient and low salinity conditions. Metabolites 7: 33 doi:10.3390/metabo7030033
  • Stamieszkin, K., M.A. May, and A.P. Chase. 2016. Student-led retreats for graduate student cohesion and career success. Oceanography 29: 80-81
  • Sumich, J.L. and M.A. May. 2009. Scaling and remote monitoring of tidal lung volumes of young gray whales, Eschrichtius robustus. Marine Mammal Science 25: 221-228