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Navaratna, Menaka (Ph.D.)

Associate Dean, Professor
College of Arts & Sciences

SH 0411
Applied Mathematics/Differential Equations

Dr. Menaka Navaratna holds the position of Associate Dean for Student Affairs and serves as a Professor of Mathematics within the College of Arts and Sciences. Previously, he assumed the roles of Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Program Leader for the Math BS/BA programs at FGCU. Dr. Navaratna earned a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Texas Tech University and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Sri Lanka. Research-wise, Dr. Navaratna's primary focus is on applied mathematics, particularly in the realm of modeling with differential equations for large-scale biological networks. With prior experience in the industrial sector as an engineer, Dr. Navaratna developed a keen interest in the intersection of mathematics and engineering. Dr. Navaratna actively participates in various outreach programs in Southwest Florida, benefiting the K-12 community.

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