FGCU Alert

The University Police Department is conducting a multi-agency training exercise with a simulator that portrays the sound of gunshots from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 25, in Biscayne Hall, part of FGCU’s South Village Residence Hall. Please avoid the area. This is not an emergency. If you have a concern, contact UPD dispatch at (239) 590-1900.

Academic Catalog

Degrees Awarded 2024-2025 Catalog Year

Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) awards the following degrees:


A.A. Associate of Arts
B.A. Bachelor of Arts
B.S. Bachelor of Science
B.M.E. Bachelor of Music Education
B.M.T. Bachelor of Music Therapy
B.S.A.T. Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
B.S.C.E. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
B.S.C.M. Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
B.S.Env.E. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering
B.S.P.H. Bachelor of Science in Public Health
B.S.N. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
B.S.W. Bachelor of Social Work
M.A. Master of Arts
M.B.A. Master of Business Administration
M.Ed. Master of Education
M.P.A. Master of Public Administration
M.P.A.S. Master of Physician Assistant Studies
M.S. Master of Science
M.S.E. Master of Science in Engineering
M.S.N. Master of Science in Nursing
M.S.W. Master of Social Work
D.N.P. Doctor of Nursing Practice
D.P.T. Doctorate in Physical Therapy
Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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