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Lura, Derek (Ph.D.)

Department of Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering


Dr. Derek Lura joined FGCU Bioengineering program in 2013. His primary research interests are in biomechanics, rehabilitation, prosthetics, and robotics. His research projects include robotic methods modeling and predicting human motion, the functional evaluation of a variety of prosthetic devices, and design of novel devices to improve or assist mobility. His goal is to increase the mobility and manipulability of persons with disability to enable them to live healthy, happy, and independent lifestyles. He is also committed to engaging undergraduate students in research, as a high impact educational strategy that also allows students to contribute to their community and the state of the art. Prior to joining FGCU he was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of South Florida Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation, and Robotics Technologies, and helped coordinate research activities at the Rehabilitation Robotics and Prosthetics Testbed.

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