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Frost, Laura (Ph.D.)

Associate Dean/Professor
College of Arts & Sciences

SH 0412
 Biochemistry/Chemistry for Health Professions

Dr. Laura Frost is Associate Dean for Faculty and Graduate Affairs in the College of Arts and Sciences. Prior to this appointment she served as Director of the Whitaker Center for STEM Education at FGCU. She received her Ph.D. in Chemistry with a concentration in Biophysical Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. Her STEM Education research interests include the use of evidence-based teaching practices in the STEM classroom to provide equitable access to STEM learning for all students as well as appropriate program evaluation and assessment. She has been PI on several grants from the National Science Foundation that support STEM Education. She is also co-author of a chemistry textbook for nonmajors published by Pearson Education. Dr. Frost is a long-time member of the American Chemical Society, the Textbook and Academic Author's Association, and has been involved with the Network for STEM Education Centers since its inception. She currently resides in Fort Myers with her family.

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