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Johnson, Oscar (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor, Ornithology
Department of Biological Sciences

WH 0219
Biological Sciences

Dr. Johnson is originally from southern California, but spent much of his
childhood living in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. After
undergraduate, he worked in avian conservation and field biology for three
years before returning to academia to pursue a doctoral degree. He is an
ornithologist He has been a member of the American Ornithological Society
since 2014, the Society of Systematic Biologists since 2016, Western Field
Ornithologists since 2005, and the Florida Ornithological Society since
2023. Dr. Johnson joined the faculty of FGCU in 2024.

For more detail please visit his web page: https://www.oscarjohnson.net/

    Dr. Johnson is broadly interested in evolutionary questions that span the
    continuum from fine-scale population divergence, through speciation and
    hybridization, to macroevolutionary patterns of species and trait diversity.
    He focuses on these questions primarily in species of biodiverse tropical
    regions, which provide many research opportunities, and for which
    research effort has lagged behind species in other regions. He is also
    broadly interested in natural history and citizen science.

    His research focuses on the following four areas:
    1. Phylogenetics, population genetics, and phylogeography in tropical birds,
    2. Integrative taxonomy and species limits, especially in North American birds
    3. The establishment of co-occurrence after speciation
    4. Macroevolution of trait diversity in the suboscine passerines

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