UExcel Credit-By-Exam Equivalencies

The following list is reproduced for your convenience from the Academic Catalog's UExcel Equivalency Table for the 2020-2021 Catalog Year.




Abnormal Psychology CLP X140 C  
Calculus MAC 2311 (State Core) C  
College Writing ENC 1101 (State Core) C  
Contemporary Mathematics MGF 1106 (State Core) C  
Earth Science ESC 1000 (State Core) or GLY 1000 C  
Earth Science ESC 1000 (State Core) C Effective for exams taken after 5/16/2018.
English Composition ENC 1101 (State Core) or ENC 1102 C  
Ethics: Theory and Practice PHI X630 C  
Foundations of Gerontology GEY X000 C  
General Chemistry I CHM 1020 (State Core) C No lab credit.
Human Resources Management MAN X300 C  
Introduction to Macroeconomics ECO 2013 (State Core) C  
Introduction to Music MUL 2010 (State Core) C  
Introduction to Philosophy PHI 1010 (State Core) C  
Introduction to Sociology SYG 2000 (State Core) C  
Juvenile Delinquency CCJ X500 C  
Labor Relations MAN X400 C  
Life Span Development Psychology DEP 2004 C  
Managerial Accounting ACG X071 C  
Microbiology MCB 1000 (Lecture Only) C No lab credit.
Physics PHY 2020 (State Core) C  
Precalculus Algebra MAC 1105 (State Core) C  
Principles of Marketing MAR X011 C  
Psychology of Adulthood and Aging DEP X401 or DEP X402 C  
Spanish Language SPN 1120C C  
Statistics STA 2023 (State Core) C  
Weather & Climate MET X010 C  
Workplace Communication with Computers OST X335 C  
World Conflicts since 1900 WOH X040 C