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Education Abroad Provider Programs


Education Abroad Providers are organizations outside the ausices of FGCU that facilitate independent study abroad experiences for students. Upon completion of the programs credits transfer back to FGCU according to the course pre-approval form.  There are hundreds of options out there and we will assist you in sorting through them to find the best option that matches your academic and personal interests and goals. Once you have selected a program follow closely the application procedures of the program provider in addition to completing an FGCU study abroad appication and getting your course selections approved.

Recommended Study Abroad Providers

Based on past student experience, value and reputation FGCU recommends the following programs. Check with FGCU staff to find out about affiliate discounts. There are many more repudable and recommendable program provider organizations and students can research and participate with other programs in addition to the ones listed below.  


KEI Abroad 

SAE Barcelona 

TEAN Abroad

CEA CAPA Education Abroad

Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Florence, Italy


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