Admissions Considerations

The admission process at Florida Gulf Coast University includes consideration of the disabilities. While there is no guarantee for admission, some requirements may not be met due to effects of the disability. 

Here are some common questions regarding applying under the special consideration process:

  • What is the difference between the regular admission process and special consideration?

  • How do I disclose my disability to Admissions?

  • What are the SAT/ACT and GPA requirements for admission?

  • What is remediation?

  • How can the remediation be completed?

  • How is my file processed under special consideration?

  • Once I am admitted, how do I receive accommodations and services for my disability?

  • Do I need to go through the special consideration process for admission in order to receive accommodations and services?

  • What types of services and accommodations are available through Adaptive Services?

  • Is there a cost to receive accommodations and services?