Sustainability & Resiliency Council

The Sustainability and Resiliency Council (SRC), formerly known as the Environmental Sustainability Committee, is responsible for ensuring that the university maintains goals (with associated action plans) for promoting environmental sustainability that are included in the university's strategic plan. 

Action plans will have clear objectives and identified resources and offices responsible for their attainment.  The committee will monitor the implementation of approved action plans on an ongoing basis and make recommendations to the appropriate area of administration.  The committee will also ensure coordination of the activities of all campus units engaged in activities designed to achieve environmental sustainability.

As the Council moves forward in 2020, committees will address new and ongoing projects, environmental issues, and participate in events to communicate to our Florida Gulf Coast University community the importance of maintaining a healthy, safe, and sustainable campus.  If you have an interest in serving on one of the SRC committees, please contact Kathleen Crawford, Sustainability Coordinator, at for more information.

Touch base with for the next available meeting date.