Outcomes & Requirements

Program Outcomes

We have created the Eagle Advantage program to intentionally address what we know are important topics that are critical to your future success as a college student.   

As a result of your participation in this program, you will:

  • Proactively utilize campus resources that are critical to your academic and personal success.
  • Identify and further develop the academic and personal skills that are critical to your success in college.
  • Engage in major and career exploration to ensure that your chosen program of study aligns with your academic interests and abilities.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of degree requirements for your program of study and how to complete the Bachelor’s degree in four years.
  • Begin to understand the process of preparing for the world of work while in college and start to identify potential career paths.
  • Develop a sense of community and connection to the university, through intentional interaction with faculty, staff, and fellow students.
  • Form meaningful relationships with faculty through participation in experiential learning and research.
  • Begin to develop leadership skills through active engagement in co-curricular activities.
  • Understand how to maintain personal wellness, and choose behaviors that maintain your health and wellness.
  • Enhance your financial literacy, understanding of fiscal resources at the university, and your active engagement with the Enrollment Services Center as well as the Scholarship Office.
 FGCU students

Program Requirements

You will complete the following program requirements during the Summer B semester:

FGCU students
  • Complete four credits during the Summer B term – Enroll in the 1-credit hour I Succeed: Thriving at FGCU and one other 3-credit hour academic course that best fits your curriculum and your individual academic needs.
  • Engage with Peer Mentors and campus partners- Connect with your Peer Academic Leader within and outside of class and get connected to academic resources and extracurricular programs that will provide support in all areas.
  • Continue your participation the fall and spring – Enroll in the 1-credit hour I Succeed: Thriving at FGCU during the fall and spring semester along with your other courses to complete your participation in Eagle Advantage. 

You will continue your participation in events, activities, and programs throughout the academic year. This engagement requirement includes:

  • Fall Kickoff Event – Kick off the year with your fellow Eagle Advantage students (this will occur just prior to the fall semester).
  • Monthly activities – Attend monthly activities and events designed to enhance your understanding of topics like academic skill development, financial literacy & resources, and major & career exploration.
  • Engagement with Peer Mentors – Connect regularly with your Peer Academic Leader, who will provide support, encouragement, and a means of immediate connection to critical campus resources.
  • Opportunities to build community within the cohort – Build relationships with your peers and make connections with your FGCU family.
  • Intentional interaction with faculty – Engage with faculty in your field of interest, who will serve as important connections and mentors for you during your time in college.


Students accepted into the Eagle Advantage program will work with an Eagle Advantage Peer Academic Leader, a peer mentor who will facilitate the development of mentees' self-awareness as a means of both personal and academic success. The PAL is trained to provide guidance, resources, structure, and accountability for mentees.