College Level Examination Program

The College Board’s College-Level Examination Program, also known as CLEP, is a set of exams that allow students who are pursuing a degree in higher education to demonstrate mastery of introductory college-level material and to earn college credit.

Did you know?

The name on your CLEP Ticket must match exactly the name on your government issued ID. You may not be allowed to test if your names do not match.

  • Obtain your CLEP ticket.

  • Register for your testing appointment.

  • Take your exam.

We recommend arriving thirty (30) minutes before your appointment time.

You need to bring a copy of your CLEP registration ticket.

You need to bring an acceptable and not-expired form of government-issued photo identification with signature. 

Examples of acceptable forms of identification:

  • Driver’s license.
  • A valid passport (foreign passport is acceptable for international students).
  • Official state-issued identification card with photo.
  • Federal identification card.
  • Tribal identification card.
  • Naturalization card or Certificate of Citizenship.
  • Military identification card. Military candidates must additionally bring their military ID.

Examples of unacceptable identification:

  • Expired IDs from list above.
  • Identification with signature only.
  • School identification.

  • Temporary or paper driver’s license.
  • Social Security card.
  • Credit card with photo.
  • Work identification or badge.
  • Gym or club membership.
CLEP Accommodations

Testing accommodations that may be approved include the use of ZoomText (screen magnification); modifiable screen colors; extended time; the use of a human reader, a scribe/writer, or sign language interpreter. If other accommodations are required, candidates should submit their requests in writing along with the proper documentation for evaluation to CLEP.

In order to request your disability-related accommodations you must follow this process:

Register with the Office of Adaptive Services.

  • Visit the Office of Adaptive Services' website to complete a Formal Request for Accommodations; make sure that you include all necessary documentation and forms.
    • Candidates seeking accommodations other than ZoomText, screen color modification, a reader or an interpreter, extended time, or breaks should contact CLEP directly.
  • The Office of Adaptive Services will create a Reasonable Accommodation Plan for you; this is dependent upon the documentation submitted.
  • Please follow up with the Office of Adaptive Services to ensure that your Accommodation Plan is approved before proceeding.

Purchase your CLEP exam ticket.

Register and pay for your testing appointment with the Office of Testing and Assessment Services using Registerblast.

  • Register for your testing appointment on Registerblast; select the desired date and time of your appointment.
    • Indicate during registration that you are requesting ADA accommodations for your CLEP examination. Provide your full name and contact information.
  • Testing and Assessment Services will email you to confirm that you are planning to take your exam with ADA Testing Accommodations approved by Adaptive Services. We will then confirm your accommodations with the Office of Adaptive Services.
    • Depending on the approved accommodations, you may be asked to contact the Office of Adaptive Services to schedule your testing appointment with them. They will assist you in submitting a Test Schedule Form. Please let the Office of Testing and Assessment if the date and time scheduled by Adaptive Services differs from your Registerblast appointment.

On the day of your test, you must check-in with Testing and Assessment Services.

  • Review the Exam Day Requirements before arriving; make sure that you have all required materials with you.
  • If you are taking your exam in the Office of Adaptive Services, a staff member will walk you down to their testing rooms.

College-Level Examination Program

 (800) 257-9558
 International: (212) 237-1331
 Fax: 610-628-3726

Consider taking a CLEP exam

Students can earn credit for what they already know by getting qualifying scores on any of the 33 examinations the CLEP program offers.

However, colleges choose whether to grant credit toward a degree; not all institutions have the same CLEP policy. Please consult with your institution's academic advising to find out their guidelines.

Benefits of taking a CLEP exam if you are Florida Gulf Coast University student

If you are interested in finding out passing scores, maximum credit awarded, and subject examinations FGCU may grant credit for, please consult your academic advisor for the most up-to-date information.

FGCU will award university credit in accordance with state guidelines and exam scores may also earn credit for specific FGCU courses. These will be evaluated on a case by case basis. AP, IB, and CLEP information regarding courses/areas for which FGCU credit may be assigned is subject to change.

Please review the CLEP Examination Table for 2020-2021 catalog for information on credit-earning CLEP examinations.