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Estimated Expenses

Estimated Expenses for International Students

A certificate of eligibility (I-20) will not be issued until proof of sufficient funds are verified by the student’s financial institution and/or sponsor.


Click this link to learn more about your Estimate Expenses


Special Notes:

*Submit Sponsor’s Financial Support Statement indicating a minimum of US $4,836 of support by providing housing and meals. Note: the person sponsoring you must be from our local area, not abroad.

**International students are required to maintain a full academic course load each semester (minimum of 12 credit hours for undergraduate; 9 credit hours for a graduate.) Estimated expenses are based on the yearly required course loads.

Additional funds are required for any dependents who accompany you. For a nine (9) month period, the US requires $6,000 for each dependent. For a twelve (12) month period, the US requires $9,000 for each dependent.

Sample - Sponsor’s Financial Support Statement

A financial support statement must include the following:

Date (day/ month/year)

Re: Sponsoring (name of student to attend Florida Gulf Coast University)

To: International Admissions
Office of Admissions
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

I / We certify that: (please complete all that apply)

I / We will financially support ____________(name of student) for the minimum amount of $U.S. ___________ to attend Florida Gulf Coast University, beginning ____________(date you plan to begin classes).

I / We will provide room and board to ____________(name of student) for the equivalent minimum amount of $U.S.__________ while attending Florida Gulf Coast University, beginning _____________(date you plan to enroll).


(Signature of sponsor)

(Print name of sponsor)

(Sponsor’s Address and telephone number)