Students & Research

Getting Involved as a Researcher

  • Faculty and students within the Department of Psychology are actively engaged in all aspects of the research process. Faculty and students engage in independent and collaborative research that is disseminated in academic research journals, national and regional research conferences, and at local campus events. Students interested in research typically get started by working with faculty through the directed study course. Students are encouraged to visit the faculty profiles (include link on this page) and to contact faculty members with similar interests.

Getting Involved as a Research Participant.

  • Students also engage in the research process as participants in various research projects found on campus. The SONA system allows students to identify which studies are currently being conducted in our department and to sign up as a participant. Your individual instructor will have the details of how many you should complete as well as alternative assignments for those students who are not able to participate in one of the studies listed on the SONA system.
  • The Experiment Management System (SONA) provides an easy method for you to sign up for studies and track your progress throughout the term. Everything is done through the software’s web-based interface, so you can access the system at any time, from any computer, with a standard web browser.
  • Participation in research is not the only way in which this curriculum element can be fulfilled. You have alternatives that are not more demanding or time-consuming, such as summarizing a research article. All participation (or research alternatives) should be completed by the last day of classes during any given semester.
  • Please contact your PSY 2012 instructor for further information about these requirements or SONA.