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The psychology major equips students with broad transferable skills that relate to a wide range of careers and graduate studies.

Psychology majors will learn about many of these options in the Careers in Psychology course.

The number of graduate programs in the field of psychology is large. The American Psychological Association publishes a comprehensive list of graduate programs in a wide range of areas of psychology each year, titled Graduate Study in Psychology. This is a good resource for students wanting up-to-date information about their options for graduate school. Keep in mind that this only includes graduate programs in psychology. Since the psychology major is broad and transferrable, many students attend graduate programs more closely tied to other disciplines such as social work, criminal justice, and occupational therapy.

Below is a list of just a few of the positions (both careers and graduate programs) that FGCU students have secured over the last few years.

Graduate Programs

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology

Ph.D. in I/O Psychology

J.D. / Law School

M.D. / Medical School

D.V.M. / Veterinary School

Ed.S. in School Psychology

M.A. in Clinical / Mental Health Counseling

M.A. in Clinical Psychology

M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction

M.A. in Forensic Psychology

M.A. in I/O Psychology

M.A. in Psychological Services

M.A. in School Counseling

M.A. in Social Psychology

M.B.A. / Business Administration

M.S.Ed in Secondary Education

M.S. in Applied Psychology

M.S. in Health Sciences

M.S. Human Centered Design & Engineering

M.S. in I/O Psychology

M.S. in Psychology

M.S.W. in Social Work

Counseling Career

Psychiatrist - Average Salary: $216K

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist - Average Salary: $102K

Neuropsychologist - Average Salary: $93K

Engineering Psychologist - Average Salary: $90K

Clinical Psychologist - Average Salary: $81K

Counseling Psychologist - Average Salary: 81K

School Psychologist - Average Salary: $77K

Forensic Psychologist - Average Salary: $61K

Sports Psychologist - Average Salary: $60K


Careers outside of Counseling

Supervisor at Non-Profit Organizations

Human Resources Manager

Research Analyst

Psychology Professor - Average Salary: $85K

Human Resources


Management Positions

Assistant Director & Behavior Analyst

Medical Scribe

Research Assistant

Case Worker

Social Worker

Behavior Analyst

Salary information provided by CareerProfiles.com 11/6/18