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The Regional Economic Research Institute produces numerous reports for the Southwest Florida workforce region.  Use the dropdown list below to learn more about each of our reports:

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Issue Brief Series

The Issue Brief Series was started by the Regional Economic Research Institute in late 2020.  The goal of the series is to analyze and interpret economic data that adds to the discussion of current events and topics relevant to the Southwest Florida workforce region.   The series does not have a set timeline, and reports are released as the research team finds new data they believe will be of interest to the public.

2023 May Lee County Small Business Analysis Link
2023 April Housing Cost Burden for Florida Renters Link
2023 January Hurricane Ian Impact on Taxable Sales Link
2022 November Working from Home in Southwest Florida Link
2022 August Microbusinesses in Southwest Florida Link
2022 July FGCU Seasonality Index Link
2022 June Microbusinesses in Lee County, FL Link
2022 June Financial Literacy and Small Business Resilience Link
2022 June New Hire Wage Index Link
2022 March Unemployment Levels by Industry Link
2021 December Small Businesses in Southwest Florida Link
2021 June Hurricane Storm Surge Flood Zones in Florida Link
2021 June Determinants of Covid-19 Vaccinations in Florida Link
2021 May Covid-19 Vaccinations in Southwest Florida Link
2021 April Covid-19 Impact on Florida Labor Force Link
2021 March Disconnected Young Adults Link
2021 March Stimulus Payments in Florida Link
2021 February Taxable Sales in Southwest Florida Link
2020 November Recessions in Southwest Florida Link
2020 October WARN Notices in Florida Link
2020 August COVID-19 Impact on Gross Sales Link
2020 August PPP Loans in Southwest Florida Link
2020 July COVID-19 and Southwest Florida Link