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Koufakou, Anna (Ph.D.)

Assoc Professor
Department of Computing & Software Engineering


Dr. Anna Koufakou is currently an Associate Professor of Software Engineering. She joined FGCU as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in August 2009. She has developed and taught a great variety of courses and she has continuously made efforts to conduct research with undergraduate students. Her research areas include big data, machine learning, text comprehension, and anomaly detection. She has worked with a various data and applications, from Florida Law Enforcement projects, to detecting computer network attacks, to modeling of solar panel data. She has published research in top journals such as Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DMKD). Her Ph.D. was in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida, and her dissertation was in scalable outlier detection for large distributed data with mixed-type attributes. She has received national awards, most notably a faculty research fellowship at Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), and awards from the CRA-W: Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research.

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