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Roy, Arnab (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor, Later World Literature
Department of Language & Literature

Modern World Literature and Postcolonial/ Decolonial Studies

Arnab Dutta Roy is an Assistant Professor of English at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). His research is located at the intersection of postcolonialism, human rights theory, and modern South Asian literature, and has appeared or is forthcoming in journals including the Journal of Global Postcolonial Studies, South Asian Review, American Book Review, Literary Universals Project, Comparatist, Humanities, and the APA Studies on Asian and Asian American Philosophers and Philosophies. His ongoing works include a co-edited volume titled The Postcolonial Bildungsroman: Narratives of Youth, Representational Politics and Aesthetic Reinventions (Forthcoming with University of Alberta Press) and a co-edited special issue titled Constructing the Other: Narrative Empathy and the Ethics of Border-Crossing in World Literature (Forthcoming with the Journal of World Literature). He is currently also working on a monograph titled Universalisms in South Asian Literature that draws on interdisciplinary work in postcolonial theory and human rights to analyze literary responses to colonialism from South Asia. At FGCU, he teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses on world literature and postcolonial theory.

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