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Devasenapathy, Deepa (Ph.D.)

Instructor II, Software Engineering
Department of Computing & Software Engineering

Wireless Networks, Software Testing, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, Image processing

Dr. Deepa Devasenapathy is a dedicated full-time faculty member with a passion for education and research. Holding a PhD in Information and Communication Engineering, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her students. With a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, she strives to inspire and motivate the next generation of Computer Science professionals. She is known for her innovative teaching methods and commitment to promoting student success. Specializing in the field of Information and Communication, she is deeply committed to nurturing the intellect and curiosity of her students. She employs innovative pedagogical techniques to engage learners and looks forward to offering mentorship and resources for students to pursue internships or research opportunities in AI-related industries or academia.

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