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Olvera, Eve

Administrative Specialist
Multicultural & Leadership Development

COHEN 0254

    Eve Olvera is an artist, wilderness enthusiast, and car lover. Music and painting serve as her creative outlets, providing a space for self-expression. Singing weaves her emotions into melodies, while painting allows her to recreate the beauty of the world around her. Eve finds solace in the wilderness, with camping serving as her means of escaping into the serene embrace of nature. Starlit nights and crackling campfires feed her soul. Cars hold a special place in her heart, and her dogs, Tokyo and Drift, are her loyal co-pilots on the journey of life, constantly reminding her to cherish the adventure as much as the destination. In Eve's eyes, life is a canvas, and she's determined to fill it with the vivid strokes of her passions, one adventure at a time.

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