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Heather Humann Profile

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Humann, Heather (Ph.D.)

Instructor II
Department of Language & Literature

MOD1 0035
American Literature/ Composition/ Creative Writing

Heather Duerre Humann is the author of five books: Domestic Abuse in the Novels of African American Women: A Critical Study (2014), Gender Bending Detective Fiction: A Critical Analysis of Selected Works (2017), Another Me: The Doppelgänger in 21st Century Fiction, Television, and Film (2018), Reality Simulation in Science Fiction Literature, Film, and Television (2019), and A Tale Told by a Machine: The AI Narrator in Contemporary Science Fiction Novels (2023).

Her numerous articles, essays, and book reviews appear in edited collections as well as in journals such as African American Review, Clues: A Journal of Detection, Chelsea, Children’s Literature Association Quarterly, South Atlantic Review, Interdisciplinary Literary Studies, Studies in the Novel, Indiana Review, Obsidian: Literature in the African Diaspora, Studies in American Culture, and Journal of Popular Film and Television.

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