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Lakshman Mahadevan Profile

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Mahadevan, Lakshman (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems
Department of Information Systems & Operations Management

LH 3360
Technology Strategy | E-Commerce | Big Data Analytics

Lakshman's current research interest include e-commerce related privacy and information communication issues. Prior to joining FGCU, Lakshman was Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Management,(IIM) a premier business school in India. His research has been published in journals such as Journal of Computer Information Systems (JCIS) and Communications of the Association of Information Systems (CAIS). Lakshman secured the Best Paper award at the Southern Association for Information Systems (SAIS) conference. Lakshman teaches courses and offers hands on software experience in the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Technology and Strategy, E-Commerce and Digital Transformation. He has offered MIS seminar courses for PhD students at the IIM.

Prior to joining academia, Lakshman worked for over 15 years with FedEx at their Memphis headquarters and is specialized in enterprise architecture design for e-commerce and pricing businesses. Lakshman plays Mridangam (Indian percussion instrument) and sings Carnatic (Indian Classical) music and has played in many places in the United States, Canada, Europe and India. He is an avid runner and has completed a couple of full and half marathons.

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