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Meso, Peter (Ph.D.)

Program Coordinator/Associate Professor
Department of Information Systems & Operations Management

LH 3349

Dr. Meso publishes research in the discipline of information systems that is focused on the interactions of people and information technology. Specifically, his published works address the design and development of management information systems, the qualities and attributes of information and of emergent information technologies, knowledge and data management, and global information systems with emphasis on information systems for development. He has published in four of the premier "basket-of-eight" Information Systems Journals, namely: Information Systems Research, Journal or the Association of Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, and Information Systems Journal; as well as in various other information systems outlets.

Dr. Meso currently serves as the Editor in Chief of the African Journal of Information Systems. In the past, Dr. Meso has also worked or served as a systems analyst, academic-unit chair, admissions coordinator, associate editor, and assistant dean. In his spare time, he enjoys soccer and various outdoor activities.

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