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Roberto Garcia Profile

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Garcia, Roberto (MA)

Instructor I, Integrated Studies
Department of Integrated Studies

REED 0207G
Media studies, civic engagement, critical race theory, feminist theory, social issues, and social movements.

Roberto Garcia embarked upon his academic odyssey at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he diligently pursued his studies. Having successfully culminated his tenure at FGCU with an esteemed degree in Communication, he subsequently dedicated a year of his professional trajectory to AmeriCorps, wherein his efforts were earnestly directed towards addressing the pervasive issue of food insecurity across the expansive SWFL five-county expanse.

Following this impactful year of service, he undertook a momentous step by enrolling in a postgraduate program at the esteemed New York University. Herein, he rigorously engaged with and successfully completed a comprehensive curriculum, ultimately attaining a master's degree in Media, Culture, and Communication, a testament to his scholarly prowess and dedication.

With his academic pursuits realized, Roberto Garcia transitioned into the realm of pedagogy. He commenced his instructive journey as an adjunct faculty member at his alma mater, Florida Gulf Coast University, and through unwavering commitment and academic excellence, progressively ascended to the esteemed rank of Instructor Level I. Evidenced by an unswerving dedication to intellectual advancement, he aspires to pursue further scholarly pursuits in the trajectory that lies ahead.

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