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Kelly, Scott

Interim Assistant Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship
Daveler & Kauanui School of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship & Technology
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As the Director for the FGCU Runway Program Business Incubator within the Rist Family Foundation Institute for Entrepreneurship and Daveler & Kauanui School of Entrepreneurship, Scott's role is to help students and alumni start businesses using Lean Startup methodologies that have been derived from Lean Manufacturing processes. Scott assists students with problem & solution identification, customer validation, web & product design, financials, business feasibility, modern marketing tactics, and pitching. As an entrepreneur, Scott empathizes with others going through the process of starting and growing a business. He is always listening to his students and optimizing the learning process so that students are prepared to become immediately productive members of business and society.

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Patents & Trademarks

Integrally driven linkage for industrial/commercial equipment


The present invention provides an integrally driven linkage for transferring power from an input at one end of the linkage through the links to an output at the opposite end. For example, one end of the linkage may be coupled to a drive source and the opposite end may be couple to a target machine. The integrally driven linkage includes a plurality of links arranged in a chain-like series with each successive link operatively coupled to the next.

Granted October 30, 2018

Integrally driven linkage for industrial/commercial equipment Patent Figure 1

Assistance Device For Entering And Exiting A Swimming Pool


A system for moving a user between a deck and a floor of a swimming pool is provided. The system includes a rail assembly with rails configured to extend between the deck and the floor of a pool, a seat assembly configured for rolling engagement with the rails, and a drive mechanism configured to translate the seat assembly along the rails.

Priority May 17, 2013

Assistance Device For Entering And Exiting A Swimming Pool Figure 1

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