Occupational Therapy Facilities

Students in the Occupational Therapy Program are exposed to state-of-the-art equipment in order to acquire the current knowledge and skills required to apply the best clinical practice within the occupational therapy profession.

Our flexible classroom/laboratories support active learning experiences that enable faculty to utilize a variety of media housed within the program and Department of Rehabilitation Sciences.

Home Environment Simulation

Therapy Simulation roomOne Occupational Therapy laboratory houses a home environment simulation, including a full kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. All large laboratories address aspects of assessment and intervention for functional activities. Related supplies, splinting, and measurement equipment are available.

  • Hand function assessment equipment: dynamometers, pinch gauges, tuning forks, volumeters
  • Hot packs, hydrocolators, electrical stimulation devices, EMG retrainer
  • Paraffin baths
  • Prosthetics: above and below elbow training arms
  • Splinting: fabric, equipment, supplies for creating custom arm and hand splints
  • Upper arm positioning devices: assorted slings, deltoid aid shoulder support, mobile arm supports for wheelchairs

Pediatric Laboratory

The occupational therapy pediatric laboratory (functional during Summer Semester) is a flexible space that can accommodate suspended equipment, scooter board ramp, and child-friendly activities. This lab also houses assorted physical and sensory assessments and adaptive equipment.

  • Adaptive equipment/Assistive devices for self-care and daily occupation
  • Assessments - over 200 standardized for pediatric, geriatric, psychosocial, and physical disability evaluation and research
  • Assistive equipment for ambulation: walkers, canes, wheelchairs and patient safety belts
  • Dexterity test equipment; Hand function intervention equipment and supplies: weight sets
  • Handwriting: adaptive devices and training materials
  • Low vision: magnifiers
  • Oral motor assessment kit
  • Patient transfer equipment: assorted boards, discs, chair seat lift
  • Pediatric floor treatment equipment: mats, scooter boards and ramp, balls, tunnel, bounce house, trampoline
  • Pediatric positioning equipment: benches, cube chairs, tables, padded chair with tray
  • Pediatric swing suspension systems with ceiling mounts and multiple swing configurations
  • Sensory desensitization system, equipment for sensory integrative therapy, stimulation activity kit
  • Skeleton: full size human with flexible joints for human motion assessment
  • Treatment tables: high-low adjustable; plinths, examination/folding tables
  • Therapeutic mirrors: assorted types
  •  Vision simulators for various impairments

Occupational Therapy Labs

The smaller occupational therapy lab doubles for the driving and work simulations and small group gathering place. Most comprehensive assessments and measurement forms are stored here for student access.

  • BTE
  • Computer keyboard – Intellikeys
  • Driving simulators
  • Qualitative and quantitative research software
  • Seating evaluation system with software
  •  Work hardening: functional capacity evaluation tools and work simulation equipment, BTE-SIM II

Learning Materials

The program has a collection of resource books, texts, and videos available for students and clinicians in the Francis Joseph Nicpon Library on the fourth floor of Marieb Hall.

These facilities provide all the materials needed for students to learn the foundations and techniques of the profession that prepare them to engage with clients, families, and professionals in the community.