Student Research Funds

The Student Research Funds support graduate and undergraduate research, creative, and scholarly endeavors across all academic programs. SRFs can be used to purchase supplies, travel to research sites (graduate students only), or present at a conference. The grant review and submission process encourages the professional development in the students' research and writing skills.

Student Research Funds 

  • Undergraduate Research Funding - Travel 

  • Undergraduate Research Funding - Consumable Supplies

  • Graduate Research Funding - Travel

  • Graduate Research Funding - Consumable Supplies

Submissions: Rolling deadline

Eligibility: Everyone is eligible to apply!

  • SISR will fund up to 2 students on a project. SISR will pay particular attention to the faculty letter addressing the students’ contributions to the project warranting funding for both students. 
  • If multiple students from the same program/department are presenting at the conference as first authors, do not submit an SRF application but contact SISR directly. 
  • SISR usually does not award funding to the same student for two different projects in the same semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).