EnvironMentors Program

Start planting your future with EnvironMentors

The EnvironMentors Program is a brand new tailored support system for students pursuing environmentally-focused graduate programs and/or careers. 

The EnvironMentors Program provides the opportunity for undergraduate and new graduate students majoring in an environmental field to be matched with a graduate-level student mentor for assistance in applying to professional academic programs and/or careers, navigating coursework, finding and maximizing research and academic leadership opportunities, and connecting with local environmental organizations. 


Students participating in the EnvironMentors Program will demonstrate academic growth in:

  • Reflecting on own practices and biases in a professional academic relationship
  • Understanding the value of building a personal, professional, and academic network
  • Leadership ability including collaboration with others, managing communication, and effective listening
  • Creating and following through on specific and measurable goals
  • Navigating challenges through utilization of campus resources, peer networks, and critical thinking skills

EnvironMentor Eligibility

  • Current graduate student in the Environmental Studies M.A. or Environmental Science M.S. program
  • Minimum 3.5 GPA
  • Commitment to EnvironMentors Program for one full academic year 

EnvironMentee Eligibility

  • Current enrolled undergraduate or graduate student
  • Interest in environmental careers and/or post-graduate academic programs
  • Commitment to EnvironMentors Program for one full academic year 


  • EnvironMentors undergo Mentor Training in first week of classes
  • EnvironMentors Meet & Greet in September
  • Mentors and mentees are matched and begin mentor-mentee relationship
  • Mentors attend biweekly group meetings


  • Mentors and mentees continue meeting regularly
  • Mentors continue meeting as a group on a monthly basis
  • Mentors and mentees participate in EnvironMentors Program evaluation
  • EnvironMentors Mentor applications are released in March
  • Interviews and final selections made by April

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