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The Whitaker Center for STEM Education, [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] is a collaboration of faculty, staff, and students from Florida Gulf Coast University who are committed to improving the delivery and content of STEM across all levels.

Our efforts support university faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, K-12 educators, and community organizations interested in the evidence-based advancement of STEM education for the benefit of society. The Center also fosters the scholarship and evaluation of STEM education and supports efforts that advance pedagogy.  


Registration for February 27th GEMS is now open!

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Faculty Challenge: Chemical Educator Melanie Cooper asks STEM higher ed. faculty to consider applying the framework developed for K-12 STEM learning.
Thinking about starting out your class period with a review lecture? Read what Nobelaureate Carl Weiman thinks.

Find our more about the STEM Tour events 

PNAS publishes the largest most comprehensive meta-analysis of undergraduate STEM Education shows active learning methods are preferred.

Increasing Persistance of College Students in STEM

Read a recent article in Science by Dr. Mark Graham, one of our past STEMinar speakers, about how evidence-based frameworks serve to increase persistance of STEM majors at the college level. For PDF click here.


Contact the Whitaker Center:
Kendra Carboneau Executive Secretary: Whitaker Hall 225 Phone: (239) 590-7444

Mary Susan "Susie" Cull Senior Secretary: Whitaker Hall 225 Phone (239) 745-4421

Laura Frost, Ph.D., Director Professor of Chemistry (CV) Office : Whitaker Hall 223 Phone: 239 590-1434

Upcoming Events

Whitaker Center

Upcoming Events 

STEMinar: Meeting Future Water Supply Needs in a Changing Climate

Tom Missimer, FGCU

Wednesday, Feb. 10 4:00-5:00, WH101

Refreshments at 3:30

STEMinar: Transcription and Cell Types: Getting to the Root of the Matter

Siobhan Brady, U.C. Davis

Thursday, Feb. 11 3:30-4:30 MAR200

Refreshments at 3:15

Introduction to POGIL workshop

Feb. 18, 2016 2PM - 5PM

LIB 212

Registration for FGCU faculty is free 

Click on POGIL to register!

Engaging Students with Team-Based Learning

Wayne T. McCormack, PhD

Feb. 29, 2016 11AM - 2PM

SRHM 111

RSVP to Susie Cull:




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