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Collaboration on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Survey

The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) is an ongoing study of faculty job satisfaction administered by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The survey measures a range of factors that are important to faculty and strives to place actionable information in participating universities' hands to improve faculty work life. As a result, FGCU has partnered with COACHE, joining academic leaders at more than 300 colleges, universities, community colleges, and state systems to identify the drivers of faculty success and implement informed changes. The experts at COACHE administer an annual survey and will provide FGCU with a research-based diagnostic report of survey results containing internal and external comparative analyses highlighting each institution's strengths and opportunities for improvement.



COACHE Steering Committee

Andi Clemons Academic Affairs
Dr. Rosa Gomez-Camacho Planning and Institutional Performance
Dr. Lyndsay Rhodes Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Dr. Megan Atha Assistant Professor, College of Education
Dr. Erik Insko Professor, Department of Mathematics


Next Steps:

COACHE Survey Coming Soon Spring 2023

COACHE Survey Coming Soon Fall 2022


COACHE Survey Timeline

COACHE Website Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions about COACHE- Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey

  • What is COACHE?

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  • How will the data be used?

  • How will the results be shared?

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