Faculty Recognition

Faculty Recognition

Florida Gulf Coast University prides itself on our distinguished faculty – whether teaching, performing research, or service.  We recognize these accomplishments through promotion, the awarding of grants, and the Celebration of Excellence awards.


Florida Gulf Coast University prides itself in having dedicated faculty to serve the students at FGCU with rigorous, high-quality undergraduate and graduate experiences of which independent research, scholarship, and creative activities are an important part.

FGCU has in place a promotion process for faculty wanting to move up within the ranks of the University.  Faculty portfolios are submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs, where they are reviewed and evaluated.

The faculty at FGCU take pride in their hard work, dedication, and determination, which is evident in the number of faculty who are promoted, and shows in the success of the students, who greatly benefit from the mentoring that faculty provide.

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Research and Grants

Last year, the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at Florida Gulf Coast University assisted faculty and staff in securing and implementing nearly $15 million in funding for grants and research endeavors.  FGCU recognizes and congratulates the recipients of these awards.  The recent awards received can be found on the ORSP website.

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Celebration of Excellence

The Celebration of Excellence is an annual tradition at FGCU to celebrate the many achievements and accomplishments of our talented students, faculty, and staff.  Established in 1998, the Celebration of Excellence at Florida Gulf Coast University is an opportunity for us to recognize the many endeavors of the university community in scholarship, leadership, service, creative arts, and teaching during the past academic year.

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