Academic Success Program

Develop skills that support your achievement 

The Academic Success Program helps students identify and complete their educational goals. Our academic success coaches provide individualized academic coaching and student success workshops to support academic achievement.

What is academic coaching?

Academic coaching provides a supportive learning environment to help students develop skills in areas directly and indirectly related to academics.  We offer 30 minute remote one-on-one appointments, one hour virtual team coaching appointments, and weekly online drop-ins. The ultimate focus of each meeting is to influence positive academic performance and continued professional growth.  Academic coaching allows for improved performance in the following areas: 


Learning academic skills:
  • Active learning strategies and memory techniques
  • Goal setting
  • Self-assessment and self-correction
  • Study and test-taking skills
  • Test Preparation and post-exam analysis
Improving self-regulation
  • Focus and concentration
  • Metacognition and a strategic approach to learning
  • Organization strategies
  • Self-care and reflection
  • Time and task management
Navigating the academic environment:
  • Encouraging meetings with faculty during office hours
  • Identifying positive and negative environments
  • Knowing university expectations and policy
  • Reading your syllabus
  • Using campus resources
Developing the motivation for success:
  • Awareness of personal beliefs and strengths
  • Fostering a growth mindset
  • Personal responsibility
  • Resiliency and grit
  • Self-efficacy and self-esteem


Students whose institutional cumulative GPA has fallen below a 2.00 will have an Academic Hold placed on their account, and will be prevented from enrolling in future courses. To obtain clearance to enroll each semester, students with an Academic Hold must complete the following requirements.

Meet with an academic success coach

What is academic coaching?
A free personal consultation with one of our academic success coaches designed to help you address specific academic topics. Together with an academic success coach, students examine habits of working, current academic difficulties, develop individual academic goals and enhance knowledge of campus resources.

Why should I meet with an academic success coach?
Meeting with academic success coach is comfortable and low-maintenance. It is a chance for you to talk about your own experience at FGCU, in and beyond the classroom. Coaches are available to coach students through obstacles that arise at any point in the academic career and to help students create positive, effective habits.


CAA provides online drop-ins, please email to find out if they qualify for your requirements.

Meet with your academic advisor

As  a student, you play an essential role in your academic advising process. It is  your responsibility to monitor your academic progress and seek advising on a regular basis. Academic advisors can help you develop educational plans that are compatible with your career and life goals and assist you in completing your chosen program quickly and successfully. To make the most of your advising sessions, you need to prepare.

How to determine your academic advisor?

All freshmen students, with the exception of specific populations, will work with First Year Advising for advising inquiries related to registration for their first fall and spring semester. The specific populations of students such as Dual Enrollment, Honors, Undeclared and Eagle Advantage are advised by Undergraduate Studies Advising. All other students are advised through their colleges.

If you are still unsure who your academic advisor is, contact CAA by emailing us at


Track Academic Hold requirements:

(Visual directions are provided in the Academic Hold Information CANVAS Module)

  1. All tracking is now located in Degree Works
  2. Log into Gulfline
  3. Select the Student & Financial Aid menu
  4. Select the Student Records menu
  5. Select the Degree Works Audit *New* link
  6. Select the Worksheets tab
  7. On the Worksheets page Scroll down until you see the section identified as Notes
  • Academic Hold Requirements will be noted as complete for Spring 2021 Registration for meetings that take place August 24, 2020 and after
  • Academic Hold Requirements Met - Academic Support Program
  • Academic Hold Requirement Met - Advisor (Contact your Advising office if you have completed the requirement, but do not see a notation made)

Center for Academic Achievement

The Center for Academic Achievement is dedicated to assist students to return to and maintain good academic standing. Your academic standing hold has significant impact on funding for college (now and in the future), course registration, and ultimately, your ability to graduate with a degree. The staff of CAA are dedicated to assisting students in their pursuit of academic success and graduation.

Why does a student earn an Academic Standing Hold?
The Academic Standing Hold is placed on a student account by the Office of the Registrar. Students with Academic Holds have had their FGCU Institutional GPA fall below a 2.00; depending upon the student’s academic record, this could mean they have been placed on either Academic Warning (WS), Academic Probation (PS), Academic Suspension (SS), Probation after Academic Suspension (AS), Academic Dismissal (DS), Academic Reinstatement or Indefinite Academic Dismissal.

Details can be reviewed in the Academic Standing Policy.

What is the function of an Academic Standing Hold?
This Academic Hold only prevents a student from the ability to register or make changes to FGCU courses via Gulfline. The Academic Hold can be adjusted to allow for future registration once a student has completed the Academic Hold requirements listed below. The Office of the Registrar will only remove the Academic Hold once the students cumulative grade point average has reached a 2.00 or higher. Students will be required to complete requirements through the Center for Academic Achievement each semester their cumulative grade point average is below a 2.00, so that the Academic Hold can continue to be reopened to allow for future registration and to assist in the student pursuit of academic success.

If a student is experiencing other limitations (i.e. unable to view grades) you may have several holds in effect on your account. It is critical to begin efforts towards hold removal promptly to allow processing time for departments, schools and agencies to send required information to remove holds. Most holds restrict students from progressing with registration. Students should familiarize themselves to check holds via GULFLINE: (choose Student & Financial Aid option, then Student Records).

Student Account Hold Key: Common Holds

How does a student with an Academic Standing Hold become eligible to register for FGCU courses?
Steps for students returning from Academic Suspension (Complete at least 2 months prior to the semester student wishes to return):

  1. Contact the Center for Academic Achievement to schedule an appointment with an academic success coach
  2. Attend the Academic Coaching meeting with an academic success coordinator in the Center for Academic Achievement
  3. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor within your individual Academic Advising Department

SLS 1501 Effective Learning
First Time in College Students (FTIC) admitted for fall 2019 or spring 2020 with an cumulative grade point average below 2.00 at the close of summer 2020 are required to enroll in SLS 1501 Effective Learning for the fall 2020 term. An Exploratory Advising Academic Advisor will reach out to these students at the close of the summer 2020 to enroll in the SLS 1501 course. However, students may also contact the advisor before being contacted to enroll in the course. For additional detail please refer to the Academic Standing Policy.

Eagle Success Program

First Time in College Students (FTIC) admitted for summer 2020 with a cumulative grade point average below 2.00 at the close of summer 2020 are required to participate in the Eagle Success Program for the fall 2020 term. An academic success coach will communicate with these students at the close of the fall 2020 and will be added to a CANVAS group that will provide more information.

Academic Standing Hold Resources:

Academic Standing Policy Catalog

Grade Forgiveness Policy Catalog

Eagle Success Program

For more information email

What is the Eagle Success Program?

The Eagle Success Program (ESP) is an academic success initiative specifically designed to provide support and guidance for first time in college (FTIC) students on academic warning.  Though the creation of an action plan you will participate in engagement and success services specific to your needs.  Discover how you can be successful and work toward increasing your GPA with the Eagle Success Program!

 How do I know if I am in ESP?

  • If you are a first time in college (FTIC) student whose first term at FGCU was spring or summer 2020
  • And you are on Academic Warning for fall 2020
  • All ESP students were invited to join a Canvas group.  Check your FGCU eagle email for the invitation.  The group has all the information about the program

Program Requirements

  • 3 academic coaching meetings
  • Complete a personalized action plan
  • 2 academic advising meetings
    *Students must complete all meetings associated with the Eagle Success Program to have their academic holds adjusted for registration.

Who is my ESP academic coach?

 You are assigned to a coach based on your last name.  The chart below will show you who your ESP Coach is. Contact the Center for Academic Achievement about scheduling your coaching appointment.

Jacquada: A-F

Any Coach: G-N

Gail: O-Z

Center for Academic Achievement

What is SLS 1501?

  • A 3-credit hour, graded course; students can elect to enroll in for elective credit
  • SLS 1501 is ideal for any undergraduate FGCU student who has 30 credits or less and is possibly at academic risk 

Why does FGCU offer SLS 1501?

Teaching metacognitive skills to students improves their academic performance. SLS 1501 is a course which offers students the opportunity to develop their academic skills necessary for their college success. This course provides a learning environment in which students can develop interpersonal relationships in a supportive atmosphere conducive to self-discovery, academic skill development, and personal growth.

Effective Learning (SLS 1501) is designed for students to:

Develop and/or enhance effective academic skills needed for academic success. These skills include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Goal setting; goal management
  • Study skills
  • Note-taking
  • Test-taking
  • Self-management/organizational
  • Technology
  • Reading
  • Self-advocacy
  • Communication

In addition, to basic and necessary student skill development, the course focuses on the following:

  • Learning styles and personality types
  • Individual academic plan development
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Exploration of major and career opportunities
  • University resources


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