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Begin A lifetime of Global Learning

There are many ways to start your journey, from serving as a cultural representative to participating in international programming. If volunteering abroad is part of your plan, our exclusive Peace Corps Prep Program is a good first step.

GEO Ambassador Program

The GEO Ambassador Program (also known as Eagle I Ambassador Program) provides opportunities for international students to learn more about college life here in the U.S. through friendship with a current FGCU student while helping current students expand their education through interaction with students from abroad. These relationships enhance cultural awareness and global learning.

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International Organization

The International Organization aims to bring awareness and understanding of global perspectives and cultures through programs, events and socials. We do this by integrating our international students into campus life and creating a space where international experiences can be shared. Join the International Organization club: Eagle LinkContact Us

Peace Corps Prep Program

Your FGCU experience can get you ready for fieldwork abroad

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Primary Contact

Dr. Dechen Albero

Assistant Director, Study Abroad (Outbound Mobility)


Peace Corps Prep Program News in FGCU360

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

FGCU is  launching an initiative for collaborative online international learning, more commonly referred to as COIL, in an attempt to integrate an emerging curriculum into existing FGCU courses on a cross-disciplinary scale.  The initiative focuses on Globally Networked Learning (GNL); a teaching and learning methodology which provides innovative cost-effective internationalization strategies.  Such programs foster faculty and student interaction with peers abroad through co-taught multicultural online and blended learning environments emphasizing experiential student collaboration.

*Announcing the 2022-2023 COIL Faculty Fellow Program! - Submit Deadline March 14th   

COIL Faculty Fellows Program - The Global Engagement office and the Lucas Center will provide faculty support in the development of COIL infused courses to be offered in academic year 2022-2023  

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