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We're dedicated to delivering high-impact international experiences to students, scholars and faculty/staff.

Prospective Students

At FGCU we look forward to welcoming students from all over world.

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Current Students

Our office oversees all FGCU international students. Students and the university share responsibility for compliance with many U.S. immigration and government regulations and must work together to ensure that these obligations are met. Students have many opportunities to fully participate in the academic experience as well as the local community through employment and social and cultural activities. International Services is your resource base throughout your enrollment at FGCU and provides advisors to assist you toward a successful experience.

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Faculty, Prospective Scholars & Staff Resources

  • FGCU Fulbright Scholar Top Off Award Program

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  • Process for International Agreements

  • I would like to include a presentation or project in my class that includes an international perspective or speakers. What resources do you have to help me?

  • I would like to invite or host a professional colleague from abroad for academic and cultural exchange. How do I proceed?