January 15 - February 26, 2015

Wasmer Gallery - Curated by John Luscuito and Anica Sturdivant - Part of the Currents Series focusing on noteworthy regional artists

This exhibition is made possible with the generous support of The Seidler Foundation.


BeLonging brings together three artists working in different media and coming from diverse backgrounds. Amalia Caputo, Kendra Frorup, and Noelle Mason are exhibited side by side in the gallery to explore the complexities surrounding physical and political borders and how they impact memory, family, and the concept of home.

The content of the artwork extends beyond the bounds of this exhibition. Their works provide three distinct windows into the challenges of living and working in our current global society with its shifting political and economic realities.

Amalia Caputo’s photographs convey how memory can disintegrate and fade over time. Her video and stills are a performance capturing her efforts to transport a “home” across vast distances.

The work of Kendra Frorup uses found objects and materials to capture the physical presence of a place and experiences. The fragile nature of life and family is present in her work coupled with the strength to endure.

Noelle Mason’s tapestries are complicated objects that represent the personal and impersonal nature of borders and geography. The hand knotted construction of the pieces is in conflict with the subject matter, which removes the human connection.

The concepts of a physical home that we construct and cherish; our own physical bodies that migrate and persevere; and our psychological needs for family and community, are all present here. It is these shared experiences that connect us even though borders, politics and economics tend to separate us.