Death of a River: Collaborative Steamroller Printing Project

August 14 - September 11, 2014

Artlab Gallery - Curated by Andy Owen

print series

Death of a River

Left to right: Artists hold a freshly pulled large scale collaborative print  (photo by James Greco) • Andy Owen, Ruination, Steamroller relief print, 50 x 33 in.

Led by Associate Professor Andy Owen, in the fall of 2013 students created a series of prints expressing their concern with the environmental impact of the release of overflow waters into the Caloosahatchee River from Lake Okeechobee. The images they created included factors that could contribute to the death of a river while also recognizing the consequences of the loss of a river as a source of life for so many different species. 

Images were created on large sheets of masonite as woodcuts and collagraphs, then inked with soy based inks and collaboratively printed using an industrial steamroller as a printing press. 

Due to the large scale of the prints, the FGCU Library is exhibiting additional prints on the first floor library exhibition space. Visitors are encouraged to attend both parts of the exhibition to appreciate the full scope of the project.

Participating artists

Brigette Baker

Knoel Blake

George Cochran

Jessica Dehen

Mariana Griswold

Donne Hutcheson

Julianna Javier

Hannah Johnson

Cheryl Kainrad

Andrew Kallas

Nicole Klebosis

Alyssa Martinez-Montalvo 

Randee McDonald

Megan Ellen Mosallem

Andy Owen

Maria Steiner

Sara Truman

Anthony Ward