Self-Published: Artists Making Books, Editions, and Zines

October 9 - November 7, 2014

Artlab Gallery - Curated by Leila Leder Kremer and Juana Meneses


Marie Marcano, Nevermore: FAQ to a Raven, 2011  Watercolor paper, ink jet printed, Concertina book structure. 1/2 x 22 x 76 in.

photograph courtesy of the artist


Artists Books Made for the Exhibition

Amalia Caputo

Marina Font

Gamaliel Hernandez

Angelica Londono

Toby Millman


Participating Artists

Katie Lynn Acosta

Julia Arredondo

Peter Borrebach

Randy Burman

Amalia Caputo

Marina Font

Felice Grodin & Gean Moreno

Gamaliel Herrera

Kathleen Hudspeth

Angelica Londoño

Marie Marcano

Toby Millman

Ania Moussawel

Ingrid Schindall

Evelyn Serrano

Carol Todaro

Louisa Van Leer

Natalie Zlamalova.


Self-Published: Artists Making Books, Editions and Zines aims to create appreciation and understanding for artists’ books as portable, intimate, democratic and self-contained works of art. The exhibition will feature different themes and approaches; being the common denominator is the book format and its different possibilities. To highlight the book as a creative space, the curators commissioned artists with ties to South Florida to make small run, limited edition artists’ books. The exhibition will also feature artwork connected to the artists’ book commissioned and process notes.  A variety of media and formats will be explored with installations throughout campus that intersect and define the book format in unexpected ways. 

 In the spirit of Self-Published, production resources will be available to the community as well as a zine making station at the Art Lab gallery. 

 During the closing reception, a book exchange will take place to share all of the publications made by the Florida Gulf Coast University and Fort Myers community.