Yevgeniya Kaganovich: Possibility of Function

October 9 - November 13, 2014

Wasmer Gallery - Curated by John Loscuito

This exhibition is made possible with the generous support of The Seidler Foundation

Mouth Piece

Yevgeniya Kaganovich detail shot

detail of a piece 

Yevgeniya Kaganovich, American, born Belaruse 1975. (counterclockwise beginning on left) detail, Balloon Mouth Pieces 12, 13 and 14. 2009  Double Mouth Piece 20,. 2010  detail, double mouth piece 19.  2010  photographs courtesy of the artist

Yevgeniya Kaganovich’s sculptures have a “possibility of function” alluding to a variety of imagined uses. Each object has an implied connection to the eyes, ears or mouth. The objects act as extensions of the body addressing the physical distance created between people as well as the desire to sustain life and make connections.

 The works in this exhibition are made of artificial materials such as rubber and nylon, reminiscent of medical or safety devices but the forms are exaggerated and absurd. They contradict themselves as the viewer seeks to understand their purpose. For example, two breathing devices have been joined to become a chamber for two people to exchange breath rather than filtering air for an individual.

 Kaganovich’s artworks relate to the breakdown of face-to-face communication, as well as to functions of the physical body. As we have become increasingly dependent on electronic substitutes for personal communication, the immediacy of human interaction is becoming lost. These works show the humor and desperation of our efforts to connect with each other. 

 This exhibition also features a recent project by Kaganovich entitled grow. A number of plant forms made from reclaimed plastic bags are found growing throughout the gallery reflecting on the proliferation of artificial materials within the natural environment.

photo of gallery