Life and Death of a Coral Reef

Collaborative print from FGCU and Cypress Lake High School students, "Life and Death of a Coral Reef" (detail), 2019, Steamroller relief print 

Life and Death of a Coral Reef

November 21 - December 12, 2019

Opening Reception - Thursday, November 21, 5 -7pm


The Gulf of Mexico and regional aquatic environments are struggling to support the abundance of life they are known for. With this in mind students in FGCU’s Relief Printmaking class and two art classes at Cypress Lake High School worked together to express their concern for the health of our local waters. Using gesso, collage and scrap matt board student artists constructed plates called collagraphs. The images they made were inspired by the theme “the life and death of a coral reef”. On Saturday, November 2nd, FGCU printmaking students joined with the students from Cypress Lake High School and together they assembled their “plates”. Each plate was inked by hand using a brayer and soy based inks. After inking, they were arranged on sheets of plywood into spontaneously created compositions. Large sheets of paper were placed over the compositions and then each was run over with a steamroller, transforming the steamroller into a printing press. As each print was pulled individual expressions became a unified voice. The work they created speaks loudly of their awareness of what we are losing and the hope that what is left can be preserved and restored. The collaborative spirit behind creating this work provides a wonderful example of what can be accomplished through a shared vision and common goals as we look ahead.

~ Andy Owen, Associate Professor of Art



Farrah Alkhadra
Meg Brunner
Janet Combs
Jamie Cross
Mya Hesby
Brennon Huseman
Kathryn Johnston
Laina Lang
Madeline Miller
Rebecca Nunez
Darice Pollard
Michael Santacroce
Emily Schaff
Megan Shinham
Laura Whalen


Olivia Bevillard
Ava Cerami
Isabella Demay
Esmeralda Flores
Amanda Kiang
Natalie Klackle
Gabrielle Morris
Alena Pagen
Jacinto Parra
Reese Plappert
Chianne Reusser
Avery Roes-Kern
Alex SanMiguel
Hannah Scott
Yildizay Turk
Allison Welker
Isabella Westman

...The work created at Cypress Lake High School was guided by teachers Patricia Bonwell and Elodie Cotton...

This exhibition and workshop was sponsored by Gene and Lee Seidler, The Layden Family Foundation, The Smith Family Foundation of Estero, and Diana and Ken Lewis.