FGCU Computational Facility

Welcome to FGCU Computational Facility

The FGCU Computational Facility promotes teaching and research by linking computation and visualization for the faculty and students of FGCU; it offers high-quality educational programs by making emerging instructional technologies available. The facility stives to: emphasize innovative, student-centered courses; cultivate habits of lifelong learning and promote the discovery of new knowledge; and to drive innovation in scientific research investing in teaching skills and knowledge related to technology and infrastructure. 

User Responsibilities

  • Users cannot leak access information (for example, user information).
  • Users cannot share their account(s) with anyone.
  • Users should acknowledge the FGCU computational facility in their research article presented in a conference or published in a scientific journal.

Accessing Facility

  • Windows: Recommended software bitvise or mobaxterm to access the facility.
  • Linux or Mac : user can ssh to facility from terminal
  • DNS name: hpc.fgcu.edu (user can access facility off campus using vpn)
  • User will receive account details (username and password) by email.

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Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Dhumal, Nilesh
Coordinator/Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry
SH 0435