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College of Arts & Sciences Leadership

The College of Arts & Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University is dedicated to providing a quality liberal arts education through innovative, student-centered teaching. We foster intellectual breadth and depth, sustainability, intercultural understanding, and civic engagement to prepare students for a life that is informed, examined, and engaged. We support scholarly activity that advances teaching and contributes to the broader intellectual, artistic, cultural and professional communities with the belief that interdisciplinary collaboration and scholarship benefits our students and enhances our individual disciplines. We recognize that service is a public trust and a social responsibility.

(Adopted April 2017)

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College of Arts & Sciences Organizational Chart


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Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
SH 0413
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Associate Dean/Professor, Interim Director Of Graduate Studies
SH 0412
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Associate Dean/Professor
SH 0410
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Assoc Dean/Associate Professor
SH 0411
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Walker, Norman
Asst Dir, Business Operations
SH 0416
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Carboneau, Kendra
Administrative Assistant II
SH 0415
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Vitiello, Amy
Administrative Assistant II
SH 0417A
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Rice, Patricia
Web Designer I, CAS
SH 0440
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Stroud, Stacey
Business Operations Specialist
SH 0404
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Perez Villarreal, Itzel
Administrative Specialist II

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Associate Dean Responsibilities:

  • Dr. Laura Frost Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Graduate Studies

  • Dr. Rebecca Totaro Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment 

  • Dr. Glenn Whitehouse Associate Dean for Student Affairs 

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