CAS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Submissions for Potential Implementation in Fall 2026

The priority deadline for review of curriculum proposals by the CAS-UCC is Monday, January 27, 2025.
(All proposals submitted by this deadline will be reviewed. Others may be reviewed if time permits.)

Program revisions are subject to review by College and University committees as well as by Academic & Curriculum Support at FGCU and by the State Course-wide Numbering System staff at the Florida Department of Education.

Curriculum Changes

  • Course Revisions or Proposals

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  • Major or Minor Revisions

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  • New Majors/ New Minor Proposals, or Substantial Revisions

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  • Questions?

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Committee Members:

Department representative term
Advising Locksley Knibbs 2024
Biological Sciences Marilyn Cruz-Alvarez 2025
Bower School of Music & the Arts Christopher Endrinal (co-chair) 2025
Chemistry & Physics Daniel Paull (co-chair) 2024
Communication & Philosophy Bethany Petry 2024
Integrated Studies Brenda Thomas 2025
Justice Studies Roshni Ladny 2025
Language & Literature Thomas Stefaniuk 2024
Mathematics   2024
Poli Sci, Public Admin, & History Rick Coughlin 2024
Psychology Christopher Di Mattina 2025
CAS Dean's Suite (Ex Officio) Rebecca Totaro