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The College of Arts and Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University is dedicated to providing a quality liberal arts education that is the foundation for a free and just society. As a community of scholars, we seek to foster intellectual breadth and depth, reasoned and civil inquiry, intercultural understanding, an ecological perspective, and civic engagement in order to prepare students for a life in the 21st century that is at once informed, examined, and engaged. We support scholarly activity that advances teaching and contributes to the broader intellectual, artistic, and professional communities. Our college faculty and administration share the belief that interdisciplinary collaboration and scholarship enhance our individual disciplines and benefit our students. We further acknowledge that service to the southwest Florida community is a public trust and a social responsibility. In all of our activities, we are committed to celebrating and nurturing human freedom and elevating the human spirit.

Founded on the university’s student learning goals and emphasizing the integration of knowledge across disciplines, our programs in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences offer students the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success in their professional careers along with the philosophical, scientific, and artistic habits of mind indispensable for a democratic society and a rewarding personal life. We challenge students to express informed convictions, exercise independent judgment, and make a lifelong commitment to learning. By encouraging tolerance, generosity, humility, wisdom, creativity, and courage, we strive to prepare students for a rapidly changing world, constructive engagement with diverse cultures and beliefs, responsible participation in their communities, and a deeper appreciation of the beauty and scope of human experience.

Scholarly activity provides a source for the creation and communication of artistic insights, fresh ideas, and current information related to our teaching, our individual disciplines, and to the integration of knowledge that lies at the heart of our liberal arts mission. Through scholarship, we interact with colleagues in the academic community and in the southwest Florida region. Likewise, in our service, we expand the boundaries of the university and join a wider community in nurturing a sustainable and enriched society.

December 2001

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College of Arts & Sciences Organizational Chart


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  • Charles Lindsey, Ph.D. Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

  • Mary Ann Zager, Ph.D. Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

  • Norm Walker, Budget Manager, College of Arts & Sciences 4

  • Linda Amos, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

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