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Sept. 27, 2022 | FGCU is canceling all classes and non-essential campus activities Thursday and Friday. FGCU leaders will evaluate methods for students to make up for lost instructional time, which will likely include the use of planned study dates as regular academic class. Please expect updates to the academic calendar once we return to normal operations. For storm updates, visit fgcu.edu/emergencymanagement.

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Current Projects

The Seidler Collaborative Awards have played an essential role in the College of Arts and Sciences' efforts to enhance undergraduate student research and creative activity. The College consists of a diverse set of disciplines that include the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, and the projects supported by the Seidler Fund reflect that diversity. 

Summer 2020 - Spring 2021

Faculty Student department project
Adhikari, Puspa L. Zachary Tabaac Marine & Earth Science/Marine Science The Distribution of Emerging Contaminants in Surface Sediments in Southwest Florida
Baron, Michael Melissa Sanchez
Sandra Escribano
Bower School of Music & the Arts/Music A comparison of Piano Pedagogical Methods in Cuba and the United States, and an investigation into unknown classical Cuban music.
Bugarin, Alejandro

Abby Lewis

Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Elimination of Trace Metallic Impurities in Drug Syntheses
Hoetzlein, Rama Angela Humphrey
Joseph Adams
Bower School of Music & the Arts An Open Library for Animation & Motion Studies in Undergraduate Digital Media Education
Hutchinson, Jeffrey Noah Boyar Social Sciences/History Searching for Lepton Interacting Dark Matter Signals in the Future Circular Collider
Inkso, Erik Viktoriya Bardenova
Vincent Ciarcia
Mathematics/Math Modeling Partially Random Walks on Graphs
Lambrecht, Daniel Grace Anderson
Ieda Andrade
Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Medicinal Drug Synthesis Using Green Chemistry ("MediGreen")
Meij, Jan Martijn Nathen Garcia Social Sciences/Sociology Sex and Drugs at FGCU: An Exploration of Gen Z at a Florida Southwestern University
Miller, Amy Frances Elmore Social Sciences/Sociology What Constitutes Consent and Who Reports?: Understanding FGCU Students' Perceptions of Nonconsensual Sexual Contact
Mujtaba, Mustafa Danielle Fletcher-Williams Biological Sciences/Biology The antifungal properties of short cytokine mimetic and cationic peptides
Paull, Daniel Jennii Burrell Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Protected yet highly active palladium catalysts: Design, and providing collaborative cancer research in the undergraduate lab curriculum
Reilly, John T. Zach Hutcherson
Ben Siegel
Drew Brady
Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Scaling up of a bench-top, microbrewery to a 1/2 barrel professional system
Urakawa, Toshi Julia Davis
Elizabeth Dahedl
Ecology & Environmental Sudies/Environmental Mitigating toxic cyanobacterial blooms using amino acids
Wagle, Durgesh Vinod Mary Richardson Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Ionic Liquids: A Key to Minimize Sulfar Oxides (Sox) Emissions and Creating Sustainable Environment
Watanabe, Ken Martin Marks Chemistry & Physics/Physics Search for coincident events between NASA's ASIM mission and GRT-WF/JAEA Gamma-Detector

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