Current Projects

The Seidler Collaborative Awards have played an essential role in the College of Arts and Sciences' efforts to enhance undergraduate student research and creative activity. The College consists of a diverse set of disciplines that include the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, and the projects supported by the Seidler Fund reflect that diversity. 

Summer 2023 - Spring 2024

Faculty Student department project
Anaya, Christina Jayda Theodule Biological Sciences Morphological and molecular characterization for species identification of the parasite fauna of pythons in southwest Florida
Boyce, Greg Tobias Pedro-Jorge Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Developing a Novel Rearrangement to Access Medicinally Relevant Structures from Biorenewable Maleic Anhydride
Chou, Ju Kathleen Johnson Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Hurricane Ian’s Impact on Toxic Metal Contaminant in Lakes in Southwest Florida
Demers, Nora
Paull, Daniel
Kayley Howe Biological Sciences 
Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry
Endocrine disruptors in our waters: evaluating contamination by assessing water contents and using mosquitofish as a model organism
Dhumal, Nilesh Ava Augustine Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Modeling of an electrolyte for Lithium ion batteries
Durso, Andrew Zeanna Graves Biological Sciences Ecological and Evolutionary Predictors of Novel Parasite Infections
Fay, Patricia Macy Noll Bower School of Music & The Arts/Art Domesticating the Reef: Ceramic Sculpture as Habitat Enhancement for Kimberly's Reef 
Locascio, William Allan Johnson Justice Studies Past, Present, and Preservation: Applications of Structured-Light Scanning to Analysis and Curation of Pre-Columbian Artifacts from South Florida
Mcmanus, Gregory Natalie Fernandez Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Developing porous materials for the removal of heavy metals from Florida water
Mize, Krystal Alyssa Balmer Psychology Exploring an atypical, early onset neurodegenerative disorder: Posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) syndrome 
Pap, Levente Cassandra Bravo Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Detection of Red Tide Toxins with a Portable Spectrometer
Paull, Daniel Dawid Kaminski Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Designer resveratrol analogues to target challenging triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) cells: Structural analysis and synthesis methodology
Ramsey, Grace Julio Gonzalez Batista Bower School of Music & The Arts/Art Painting Studio Assistantship/Mentorship
Von Cannon, Jordan Amber Bonham Language & Literature Exploring Digital Innovations and Print Editions: The Minnie Gatewood Diaries 
Wagle, Durgesh Jenna Lipani Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Bio-based deep eutectic solvents: a non-aqueous media for preservation of nucleic acid-based and protein based vaccines

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